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Our Board

United for Your Health

Our Board: Our Board

Amar Khadka


Amar Khadka has worked in the field of health administration for many years. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Director that cares about the future of our Hospital.


Sulochana Ghimire

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sulochana Ghimire brings decades of experience in hospital administration to the table. She is passionate about transparency and accountability. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Chief Executing Officer.


Laba Thapa


Laba Thapa, currently residing in Munster, Germany is a visionary individual who founded this medical organization. With his active guidance and support, the organization has made immense progress. Mr. Thapa with his rich international network and as a well-known social worker has contributed lots of good changes to our organization and the members.


Dilip Shrestha

Assistant Director

Dilip Shrestha is truly a valued member of the neuro family, initiating, organizing, and promoting new medical programs for our staff and patients.


Binod Pahari

Admin (HR)

Mr. Pahari is an experienced member of the neuro family, who contributes by proper staff management and is a huge motivator of the team.

Rashmi Kandu In-Charge_edited_edited_edi

Rashmi Kandu

Nursing Chief

Amazing and brilliant management skill with high level of education and experience and added medical expertise

Mahesh R Ghimire_edited.png

Dr Mahesh R Ghimire 

Medical Wing Chief 

Extraordinary personality and a complete physician with exceptionally good management skill


Ashin Gurung

Medical Welfare Chief

Hardworking, sincere and community service oriented individual with amazing quality of interpersonal relationship and helping attitude

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